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International cooperation on nukes pledged

January 10, 2013


Japan, IAEA confirm readiness to boost cooperation on nuclear safety



TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed in talks with International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano on Wednesday their readiness to strengthen cooperation in ensuring nuclear safety in light of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

During the 20-minute talks in Tokyo, the IAEA director general thanked Japan for its support for the U.N. nuclear watchdog's activities, expressing his readiness to lead international efforts to promote the peaceful use of atomic energy and strengthen the existing nonproliferation regime, according to the Foreign Ministry.

Praising the IAEA for its work on the North Korean and Iranian nuclear issues, Kishida vowed Japan's full support for the nuclear watchdog at a time when Amano's reelection for a second four-year term is almost assured.

With no other candidate having been nominated for the post of IAEA chief by the deadline of Dec. 31 last year, Amano is set to secure another four-year term from December this year. Amano, a former Japanese career diplomat, has served as IAEA head since December 2009.

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