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Japan Atomic Energy Agency under fire... again

May 28, 2013

Japan Atomic Energy Agency pressed to reform



Science Minister Hakubun Shimomura says he will soon launch a taskforce to study sweeping reforms for the trouble-hit Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

The organization co-manages a research facility north of Tokyo where a radiation leak occurred last week during a particle physics experiment. More than 30 researchers were exposed to a small amount of radiation.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency has also come under fire for failing to inspect vital equipment at the Monju fast-breeder reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture.

Shimomura told reporters on Tuesday that these incidents were caused by the organization's poor safety awareness.

He said the proposed taskforce will study how the Japan Atomic Energy Agency should reform its organization and operations so that it will put safety first.

The minister suggested that he will also ask the agency to urgently carry out a review of its safety measures and report the results.

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