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Japan's new energy policy exposed to IAEA

September 18, 2012


Japan details new energy plan at IAEA conference



Japan detailed its new energy policy to the UN nuclear watchdog on Monday.

Senior vice foreign minister Ryuji Yamane told the annual conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency that Japan plans to reduce the country's dependency on atomic power to zero.

The conference began Monday in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Yamane said Japan will increase its use of green energy to lessen its reliance on nuclear power.

The government says it aims to achieve zero reliance on nuclear energy by the 2030s. But the senior vice minister hinted at flexibility over the schedule, saying the road to zero reliance may not be a straight one.

In a separate meeting, Japanese officials discussed a new regulatory body to be launched on Wednesday.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be independent from the industry ministry which oversees the current regulatory body.

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