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Kazakhstan to help with decontaminating Fukushima

May 3, 2012



Japan, Kazakhstan to cooperate on decontamination



Japan and Kazakhstan have agreed to cooperate in cleaning up areas tainted by radiation after last year's accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Japanese industry minister Yukio Edano met his Kazakh counterpart Asset Issekeshev in Kazakhstan on Tuesday.

Edano asked for Kazakhstan's cooperation in decontaminating areas around the Fukushima plant.

Issekeshev said his country will offer its experience and techniques to help Japan's decontamination efforts.

Representatives of Japanese electronics maker Toshiba and Kazakhstan's national nuclear center also signed a memorandum on sharing decontamination expertise.

The center began decontaminating the Soviet Semipalatinsk nuclear site in 1991.

Toshiba intends to use Kazakhstan's experience to develop new decontamination methods.

Edano told reporters he believes that sharing information on decontamination will greatly assist the reconstruction of Fukushima.


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