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July 1, 2014

TEPCO reports on radioactive substance leak




The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant estimates that it recovered about 80 percent of a radioactive substance that leaked with contaminated wastewater last year.

About 300 tons of wastewater contaminated with radioactive substances leaked from a storage tank at the plant in August 2013.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, submitted a report on the leak to Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority on Monday.

The report says the substance with the highest concentration in the water was radioactive strontium with an estimated 45 trillion becquerels of radioactivity.

TEPCO estimates that it has recovered about 80 percent of the strontium by collecting soil soaked with the contaminated water. The firm says the substance remains in soil.

The utility says 20 percent of the substance likely seeped into soil below tanks and other facilities, and remains there. The company says it's highly unlikely that the substance was carried into the sea by underground water.

TEPCO added that high levels of radioactive tritium have been detected in wells pumping up underground water to keep it from being contaminated by reaching crippled reactor buildings. The firm says it's trying to find out why this happened.

Jul. 1, 2014 - Updated 09:02 UTC

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