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Litate to help residents

July 3, 2012

Iitate village decides on reconstruction plan



A village assembly in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture has adopted a roadmap for rebuilding the village before its residents can return home.

Iitate Village is located northwest of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. All of its residents, numbering over 6,000, evacuated from the village after the disaster at the plant on March 11th last year.

On Tuesday, the village assembly approved a draft reconstruction plan drawn up by a council of experts and former villagers. The move comes 2 weeks before the village is to be divided into 3 types of evacuation zone, designated by radiation level.

The plan calls for setting up a base in the village to help residents return home when decontamination efforts cause radiation levels to fall to a safe enough level. The base will be set up in the Nimaibashi District, where the radiation level is currently lower than in other areas of the village.

The plan also calls for building public housing in the district and promoting renewable energy industry in order to create jobs.

The plan also calls for building public housing outside the village to support young parents who have chosen not to return to the village because of work or concerns about the effect of radiation on the health of their children.

The public housing would be built in Kawamata Town and Fukushima City, where evacuees from Iitate Village live. There is also a plan for a community center to be open for young parents and their children.

Iitate Mayor Norio Kanno says facilities will be built in and outside the village to help those who want to return, those who want to return but cannot do so, and those who cannot return.

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