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May 8, 2012


TEPCO new president vows to promote reform



The incoming president of Tokyo Electric Power Company says he will do his best to quickly pay damages to those affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident, while promoting the reform of the company.

Managing Director Naomi Hirose was speaking to reporters on Tuesday after he was named the new president at a board meeting earlier in the day.

Hirose said one of his main tasks will be to ensure that people affected by the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will be compensated.

He said he will work toward the decommissioning of the crippled plant while stabilizing it. He said that providing electricity in a stable way while streamlining the company will also be an important task.

Hirose said the firm, together with a government-backed nuclear disaster fund, has already drawn up a plan listing what the company has to do. He said what matters is to implement those measures.

He said he will take the lead in reforming the company to show people a new TEPCO as soon as possible.

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