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Matashichi Oishi, contaminated 60 years ago

March 2, 2013


Former crew member of ship exposed to radiation speaks against nukes



Matashichi Oishi speaks at an anti-nuke gathering in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, on March 1. (Mainichi)



YAIZU, Shizuoka -- A former crew member of a ship exposed to radiation by a nuclear test spoke out against nuclear energy at a gathering here on March 1, adding his criticism of the government.

Matashichi Oishi, 79, was a crew member on the fishing ship "Dai-go (No. 5) Fukuryu Maru," which was affected by radiation from a United States hydrogen bomb test at the Bikini Atoll 60 years ago. The March 1 gathering was held to remember the events of that day.

Oishi spoke with some lingering effects from a cerebral hemorrhage that occurred in April last year. In his speech, he mentioned the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, and said, "We must be vigilant. As a person exposed to radiation, I want to pass on how frightening nuclear energy is."

"The government made the nuclear plants, and after the nuclear disaster repeatedly said there was nothing to worry about. We ourselves must study more," he added

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