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Mitsubishi-Hitachi collaboration

MHI, Hitachi to mull tie-up over nuclear business



Two major Japanese plant makers, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi, are considering expanding their collaboration amid heating competition in emerging markets.

On Thursday, the 2 companies announced a plan to launch a thermal power joint venture in January 2014. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or MHI will own 65 percent of the new company, Hitachi will own the rest.

In the news conference, the heads of 2 makers referred to further collaboration. MHI President Hideaki Omiya said he wants to have a tie-up in nuclear plant business after the issue is settled over reactivation of domestic nuclear plants that are now offline.

Hitachi President Hiroaki Nakanishi echoed that they will explore for the best way for collaboration.

The 2 makers are already collaborating in hydropower, railway and other infrastructure businesses mostly in emerging markets.

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