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Mitsubishi's new robot

December 6, 2012


Robot with deft arms developed for decommissioning



A Japanese company has developed a robot that can accomplish complex tasks despite high radiation. This kind of robot is necessary to decommission reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unveiled the robot in Kobe, western Japan on Thursday.

The robot is built on a platform with tracks on the side. These enable it to move over debris.

The robot is equipped with 2 arms that can perform work as complicated as human arms are able to do. The arms can be fitted with various tools to sever and remove broken pipes and rubble at the damaged Fukushima reactors.

It can cut off parts of concrete walls soaked with radioactive water and examine radiation levels. This is necessary in order to ascertain the level of contamination at the reactor's inner facility.

Jinichi Miyaguchi, chief of the firm's machinery designing division, said the Fukushima plant still has spots where strong radiation hampers people from entering. He said he hopes the robot will contribute to a swifter decommissioning of the disabled reactors.

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