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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

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More active faults

December 20, 2012



Team finds faults at nuclear plant possibly active




A panel of nuclear experts has found that 2 faults under a nuclear power plant in northern Japan may be active.

The findings could keep the plant offline for some time.

The panel of the Nuclear Regulation Authority made the assessment on Thursday after a 2-day on-site survey of the Higashidori plant in Aomori Prefecture last week.

The team's 5 experts include regulation authority official Kunihiko Shimazaki. They agreed that the 2 fissures should be deemed active faults.

Shimazaki summed the survey to conclude that the faults were possibly active.

The panel is to make a final decision after talking to operator Tohoku Electric Power Company next Wednesday.

If their findings are finalized, the Higashidori facility would become the second nuclear plant found sitting on possible active faults. The first was the Tsuruga facility on the Sea of Japan coast.

The reactors or other key facilities at Higashidori do not sit directly above an active fault. But the operator will nevertheless be required to drastically review its anti-quake measures.


NHK On Line 20 Dec.





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