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More details about the new regulatory N-agency

Criteria for N-agency personnel revealed

The government will adopt strict criteria on the selection of a chairman and members of a new regulatory commission for nuclear plant safety, which could be established as early as August, according to a government guideline.

According to the guideline, revealed Monday, those who have received more than 500,000 yen a year in remuneration for lectures, consultancy or other services from a single power firm in the three years prior to the commission being established, cannot be named to the commission.

The guideline also does not allow anyone who was an employee or an executive of a firm related to the nuclear industry, including power firms and equipment manufacturers, to be on the commission.

Members of the commission are required to disclose the amounts of donations that went toward their personal research or to a laboratory to which they belong from companies related to the nuclear industry for the three years previous to the commission being established.

Members of the commission must also disclose names of industry-related companies that hired students of their laboratories and the number hired in the previous three years.

A bill to create the commission, which passed the Diet in June, and its additional resolutions prohibit executives and employees of power firms and other nuclear industry-related companies from being named to the commission.

As commission members must have a high degree of autonomy, the government decided to use stricter selection requirements than the new law called for.

The government plans to nominate a chairman and commission members, with an eye on experts on nuclear reactors or radiation protection in line with the criteria, and submit a personnel proposal to the Diet this month.

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