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More investigations at Ohi plant

February 18, 2013

KEPCO to examine faults beneath Ohi nuclear plant



The operator of Japan's only nuclear power plant that is currently online says it will conduct an inspection to detect any active faults beneath the facility.

Experts from the Nuclear Regulation Authority, or NRA, have twice examined trenches at the Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan since November.

But they remain divided over whether fissures found at the site are active faults or the result of landslides.

NRA commissioner Kunihiko Shimazaki asked Kansai Electric Power Company to dig a new trench near one of the reactors to examine the fissures.

Kansai Electric announced on Monday that it would start the survey as soon as preparations are complete, and submit a report to the nuclear authority by mid-July.

The utility firm says it plans to dig a 70-meter, east-to-west trench about 170 meters south of the plant's No.3 reactor.

The utility adds that a drilling inspection of the underground stratum had confirmed the location of layers that can determine whether or not the fissures in questions are active faults.

The NRA is to recommend halting the 2 reactors that were restarted last year if it determines that there are active faults beneath the facility.

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