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More studies for Monju and Mihama plants

August 10, 2012


Experts wants survey for 2 additional plants



Japanese experts say 2 additional nuclear power plants need to be re-examined for possible underground rifts near the facilities.

A panel of experts from the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under the industry ministry is reviewing the safety of nuclear power plants nationwide.

Experts have said that power companies should reassess underground fissures below the power plants to determine whether or not they are active faults.

Surveys have already begun at 4 facilities, including Ohi in Fukui Prefecture. The nuclear plant resumed operation last month.

On Friday photos of underground cracks at other nuclear plants were presented.

The images were taken when plant operators surveyed the sites before they applied for permission to build the plants.

The experts said further studies are needed for the Monju and Mihama plants in Fukui Prefecture. They cited a lack of topographical surveys around the sites.

As for the Ohi plant, some experts stressed the need to expand the scope of the ongoing survey.

The agency wants to complete the review by the end of this month, but it may order additional surveys to examine possible active faults.

The government's quake-proof guidelines for nuclear plants do not allow important nuclear facilities to be built directly above active faults. If cracks are found to be active the utilities may be barred from operating the reactors.

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