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Most Japanese want to do away with nukes

August 29, 2012


Government acknowledges most Japanese favor nuclear-free society




The government said Wednesday in a draft report that public consultations on the future of nuclear power show that most people favor doing away with all reactors.


In formulating a new energy policy following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the government has held public hearings nationwide, conducted a poll and solicited comments via the Internet and through other means.

People were asked their views on the degree that Japan should rely on nuclear power by 2030.

The were zero percent, 15 percent or 20 to 25 percent of total power generation, compared with 26 percent for nuclear power in 2010.

The report presented by the government Wednesday at the third meeting to analyze the results of the surveys with a group of experts states: "We can say with certainty that a majority of citizens want to achieve a society that does not rely on nuclear power generation."

However, to also states: "On the other hand, opinions vary on the speed to realize it."

The report, after being finalized through discussions with the experts, will be submitted to a ministerial meeting in charge of formulating the new energy policy, a government official said.

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