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Naoto Kan - A plan to reduce nuclear plants to zero

July 22, 2012


Lawmakers in Japan outline denuclearization bill



Former Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan and other governing party lawmakers have announced an outline of a bill that would end Japan's reliance on nuclear energy by 2025.

The draft outline says nuclear power generation could lead to infinite damages in the event of an accident. It adds that lack of final disposal measures will end up leaving future generations piles of radioactive waste.

It calls for establishing alternative power sources and reducing the number of operating nuclear power plants to zero.

The draft also calls for promotion of solar, wind, and other sources of renewable energy to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The outline also mandates the central government to create jobs in communities that host nuclear plants.

The secretary general of the governing Democratic Party, Azuma Koshiishi, has been asking Kan to compile a plan on future energy sources.

The former prime minister said he intends to seek support within his party and that he wants to submit the bill with support from the opposition.


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