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Naoto Kan lectures on nuclear power

June 5, 2013


Kan: Only nuclear-free society can avoid accidents



Japan's former prime minister Naoto Kan says the only way to completely avert nuclear accidents is to build a society that can do without nuclear power.

Kan made the comment on Tuesday at a seminar in San Diego, California. It was hosted by US citizens group opposed to nuclear power.

Kan explained to the audience the situation following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March 2011. He was the prime minister when the earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan and caused the nuclear accident.

Kan said that the worst case scenario at the time would have required the evacuation of some 50 million people from Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Kan called for building a global network to convey the dangers of nuclear power so that societies that do not depend on it can be created.

Former chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gregory Jaczko also took part in the seminar. He said authorities in charge of nuclear plants should acknowledge that accidents do happen and should seriously consider the huge damage such accidents would cause.

Kan told NHK after the meeting that this was the first time he took part in an anti-nuclear power conference outside Japan.

He said will accept more offers from abroad to lecture on nuclear power and will work to end dependence on the energy source both at home and abroad.

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