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Never again

Noda stresses on nuclear-free world in Hiroshima



Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda says Japan needs to teach younger generations about the horrors of nuclear weapons. He also says it is time for Japan to end its dependence on nuclear energy.

Noda was speaking at a ceremony in Hiroshima marking the 67th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the city.

In the speech, Noda said people should not forget the tragedy of the nuclear attacks and never let it happen again. He renewed his pledge to observe Japan's Constitution with an aim to abolish nuclear weapons and establish global peace.

He also pledged to stick to the country's 3 principles of not allowing the production, possession and entry of nuclear arms into Japan.

He said as the only country attacked by nuclear weapons, Japan has a responsibility to educate the world about the dangers of such weapons.

He said Japan can fulfill that responsibility by passing the memories of the nuclear attacks on to younger generations and to people in other countries. He said the government will support the efforts in all possible ways.

He also said the government is determined to clean up districts contaminated in last year's nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. He said the government will do all it can to rebuild infrastructure so that residents can return home as soon as possible.

He said the government will reduce its dependency on nuclear energy and promote renewable energy over the long term so that people can feel more comfortable about the country's energy mix.

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