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New drain system

 August 9, 2014

TEPCO applies to build new water drain system



Aug. 9, 2014 - Updated 08:10 UTC+2

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says it will apply to the regulation authority to build new facilities to discharge decontaminated ground water into the ocean.

A large amount of contaminated ground water from beneath the plant continues to leak into the ocean.

Engineers with Tokyo Electric Power Company are building an iron barrier along a coastal embankment.

Then, they plan to pump up the ground water, and decontaminate it before discharging it into the ocean.
TEPCO officials also want to decontaminate ground water collected at wells near reactor buildings.

They say they will apply on Monday to the Nuclear Regulation Authority for permission.

They say they've explained the plan to local fishermen, and there has been no objection about the plan so far.

Regulators will examine the plan for its effectiveness and safety.

TEPCO says it will make a final decision on whether to discharge the water into the ocean after consulting with locals.

The plan is likely to meet opposition as fishermen are voicing concern that the move will increase consumer worries about sea pollution.

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