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New photographs of tsunami

July10, 2012


TEPCO discloses more photos of Fukushima tsunami




The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has released previously unseen photos of the huge tsunami that hit the facility on March 11th last year.

This comes after a parliamentary committee investigating the accident criticized Tokyo Electric Power Company for making public only 17 photos in May last year.

TEPCO said it chose photographs where the arrival of the tsunami was most evident and that it is sorry for its shortcomings in presenting information.

The 33 photos released on Tuesday were taken in sequence by a worker of an affiliated company.

They show the tsunami surging with white wave crests just before it swept over the nuclear plant and a tanker attempting to leave the port.

The wall of muddy water can be seen moving through the plant's grounds and carrying away large containers.

The images also show frightened workers who had evacuated to the roof.


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