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New proposals on nukes future

April 17, 2012


Kyoto, Shiga compile draft proposals to gov't on nuclear policy



OTSU (Kyodo) -- The governors of Kyoto and Shiga prefectures have compiled a draft proposal to the central government on its nuclear policy, following discussions about the reactivation of two idled reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co.'s Oi nuclear power plant in neighboring Fukui Prefecture, according to a draft made available Monday.

In the draft proposal, Kyoto Gov. Keiji Yamada and Shiga Gov. Yukiko Kada call on the government to set up a third-party committee to assess the supply-demand situation of electricity and establish a nuclear power regulatory body following the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

The governors, who plan to submit the proposal to the government soon, also ask the government to produce a plan for ultimately abolishing usage of nuclear energy and beefing up the system to process spent fuel rods.

The governors air concerns about a plan of the government to reactivate the idled reactors at the Oi plant, saying, "Explanation to people about safety and necessity is insufficient at present."

Parts of Kyoto and Shiga prefectures fall within a 30-kilometer radius of the plant on the Sea of Japan coast, and Lake Biwa in Shiga provides water for many people in western Japan.

April 17, 2012(Mainichi Japan)

On the same article:

Governors make proposals on reactor restarts



Two governors in western Japan are asking the central government to implement 7 steps before restarting the first batch of reactors since the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The governors of Shiga and Kyoto jointly announced the steps on Tuesday. Their prefectures neighbor Fukui, home to the Ohi nuclear plant. The central government wants 2 of the plant's reactors to be reactivated soon to avoid a power shortage this summer.

The 7-point proposal calls on the government to seek independent advice from nuclear experts before making a decision to restart the reactors.

It says a third-party panel should verify the region's power supply-and-demand estimates for the summer.

The governors also want the government to prove why the reactors must be restarted so urgently, before an official inquiry into the Fukushima disaster is complete.

They are also seeking a concrete timetable for reducing the nation's dependence on nuclear power.

Shiga Governor Yukiko Kada told reporters the 7-point plan is aimed at getting the government to clarify its policy on reactor-restarts, and to make sure that localities can be involved in the process.

Kyoto Governor Keiji Yamada said the 2 prefectures want the government to understand precisely what issues are concerning them most.

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