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New robot-led survey of inside No.2

June 20,  2013

Robot carries out survey inside Fukushima reactor



A remote-controlled robot with a 7-meter-long arm has carried out a survey inside a reactor building at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The newly developed robot is equipped with a camera and dosimeter on the tip of its arm. Its human operators worked from the building serving as the headquarters for the decommissioning work at the plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Company used the robot on Tuesday to investigate 6 locations near an interior ceiling of the Number 2 reactor.

Workers were unable to conduct detailed surveys there due to high radiation levels.

TEPCO said the highest radiation reading of 19 millisieverts per hour was found at a height of 4.3 meters.

It also said photos from the robot did not show any damage to pipes.

There is an opening near the interior ceiling leading to the damaged containment vessel.

The officials said they will analyze the information collected by the robot to aid their repair work.

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