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Nishikawa's consent sought



Fukui governor meets Kansai Electric chief


The governor of Fukui Prefecture, host of the suspended Ohi nuclear power plant, has confirmed steps to ensure safety at the facility in a meeting with its operator's chief.

Issei Nishikawa met Kansai Electric Power Company President Makoto Yagi on Friday, one day before Nishikawa is likely to convey his approval to restart two of the plant's reactors to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

Yagi briefed Nishikawa on the firm's plan to ensure safety at the plant, put more workers there, and carry out measures under his direct supervision.

Yagi also explained the firm's implementation of measures such as building an anti-earthquake structure to be used as headquarters during emergencies such as nuclear accidents. The structure was initially to be built in three years.

Yagi said he will keep in mind the significance of restarting the plant, which he said will decide the future of the country's nuclear power generation.

In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said at a news conference that the prime minister and 3 cabinet members will meet Nishikawa on Saturday.

Fujimura said the 4 ministers will then convene a meeting, and Economy and Industry Minister Yukio Edano will hold a news conference.

The government says it wants to officially approve the restart after obtaining Nishikawa's consent on Saturday.



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