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No dosimeters for 3,000



Tuesday, Sep. 4, 2012

No dosimeters for 3,000


More than 3,000 people may have worked at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant without carrying dosimeters in the early days of the crisis, a health ministry source said Tuesday.

For 17 days starting March 15, 2011, after the crisis started four days earlier, there is no record of dosimeters having been given to 3,077 workers at the plant, out of the 7,766 who worked there during that period, the source said.

As an emergency step, only leaders of work teams carried dosimeters on their clothes, the source said.

"The health ministry issued an order on March 31, 2011, to correct the situation," health minister Yoko Komiyama said.

"We have confirmed that all workers have been carrying dosimeters (since then)," she said, adding that her ministry is taking measures that included checking on the workers' internal radiation exposure and providing them with consultations.

If workers apply in the future for government recognition of health problems attributable to their work at the plant, the ministry will make a "proper judgment" by considering their engagement in the crisis-response work without dosimeters, Komiyama said.


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