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Not so much rubble after all?

June 20, 2012


Aichi to cancel plan to build facilities to incinerate quake rubble



NAGOYA -- Aichi Gov. Hideaki Omura said the prefectural government has decided to cancel its plan to build three facilities to incinerate rubble generated by the March 11, 2011 disasters because such waste will likely decrease substantially.

"Flammable waste will decrease considerably and the necessity of such facilities would likely diminish by the time they are to begin operations," Omura told a regular session of the prefectural assembly on June 20. He made the remark in response to a question by Takashige Sugiura, a Liberal Democratic Party member of the assembly.

In April, the governor announced that the Aichi Prefectural Government will build rubble incinerators and final disposal sites for non-flammable rubble in the prefecture cities of Chita, Hekinan and Tahara. He allocated 600 million yen to finance a feasibility study of the project at his own discretion.

However, the Environment Ministry has revised downward its estimation of flammable rubble that needs to be incinerated outside the hardest-hit prefectures of Iwate and Miyagi from 2.55 million metric tons to 1.05 million tons.

Since Tokyo and other local bodies have already begun accepting flammable rubble from disaster-hit areas, Gov. Omura has deemed that the Aichi Prefectural Government does not need to spend much time and money to build new incinerators.

However, the prefectural government will go ahead with the construction of final disposal sites and accept non-flammable disaster rubble as planned. It will announce the details of its plan to accept non-flammable rubble sometime around August.

The prefectural government has submitted a supplementary budget draft, which includes 69.5 million yen for test incineration in preparation to accept rubble from disaster areas, to the assembly.

During the session, Sugiura questioned the significance of going ahead with the planned test incineration despite the prefectural government's decision to cancel the incinerator construction plan.

The governor justified the test incineration. "The incineration test is aimed at reassuring prefectural residents that disaster rubble is safe."


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