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NRA has doubts about Oi survey

November 14, 2012


NRA questions nuclear operator's Ohi probe



Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority has raised doubts over surveys conducted by the operator of the Ohi nuclear power station on fissures beneath the plant.

The authority is currently trying to determine if the fissures below Japan's only operational nuclear plant are signs of an active fault or not.

At the regulator's meeting on Wednesday, official Kunihiko Shimazaki questioned the Kansai Electric Power Company's explanations of its recent surveys.

He said there are unclear points in the operator's claim that the fissures are shorter and located in a different place than determined in previous surveys.

Shimazaki also called for improving the regulator's on-site inspections.
An expert panel set up by the authority inspected the Ohi plant on November 2, but was unable to determine if there is an active fault or not. The panel is now asking Kansai Electric to undertake additional probes.

Shimazaki said experts were able to spend only a limited time at the site and lacked sufficient materials on the situation of the Ohi plant beforehand.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority plans to survey the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture from December 1st and the Higashidori plant in Aomori Prefecture later that month.

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