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NRA screening

July 16, 2013


Nuclear regulator begins screening applications



Japan's nuclear regulator has begun screening applications from power companies to restart nuclear reactors.

This is the regulator's first meeting since Japan's new nuclear safety standards went into effect last week.

Officials of the Nuclear Regulation Authority met with representatives of Kyushu Electric Power and Hokkaido Electric Power on Tuesday.

Kyushu Electric explained the safety measures that it has put in place as part of its bid to restart the No. 1 and 2 reactors at its Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The utility briefed regulators about the level of earthquakes and tsunamis it has prepared for, and said it plans to build a temporary facility to serve as a command center for an emergency task force in the case of an accident.

Nuclear regulators pointed out areas that the inspections focus on and said they need to confirm the chain of command at the emergency task force and the number of workers the temporary facility can hold.

They also noted that in the event of a volcanic eruption, up to 15 centimeters of ash could accumulate, so they will have to see if the utility's measures are in line with the new safety standards.

So far, 4 utilities have submitted applications to restart reactors at 6 plants. Representatives from Shikoku Electric and Kansai Electric are scheduled to present their safety measures later in the day.

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