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NRMC urges TEPCO on safety

August 5, 2013


05.08.2013_No193 / News in Brief

Committee Criticises Tepco On Safety Reforms And Communications



Security & Safety

5 Aug (NucNet): A committee headed by the former head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has urged Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (Tepco) to speed up nuclear safety reforms and has criticised the company’s attitude towards disclosing information.

Dale Klein, chairman of the Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee (NRMC), urged Tepco to speed up its efforts under a nuclear safety reform plan, and to solve issues at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant such as contaminated water leaking from storage tanks.

Mr Klein criticised Tepco’s attitude towards information disclosure, saying, “This lack of an effective communication programme diminishes the hard work a lot of people have been doing for Tepco.”

Mr Klein is chairman of the NRMC, which includes nuclear experts from both Japan and abroad. The third-party committee was set up in September 2012 to oversee the reform of Tepco’s nuclear power division with an eye towards restarting reactors that have been offline since the March 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi accident.

The Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (Jaif) said the NRMC reports to Tepco’s board of directors.

Jaif said the NRMC has finalised a report on its monitoring of Tepco’s progress with safety reforms originally announced by Tepco in March 2013. The report has been submitted to the utility’s board of directors, Jaif said.

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