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Nuke disposal policy - And don't forget the public

Japan's Atomic Energy Commission drafts new policy



A government panel on nuclear energy is drafting a set of new policies that includes proposals on the disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste.

The Atomic Energy Commission said on Tuesday that the government should examine the shortcomings of the current methods and rebuild its nuclear energy policy.

The government's conventional plan to bury highly radioactive nuclear waste for tens of thousands of years came under fire in September from Japan's Science Council.

The commission says the plan should be continued in principle, but that the government must do more to win public consent.

It says the government must take a stronger initiative in reviewing laws on the choice of disposal sites.

The commission also refers to the government's decision to continue Japan's nuclear fuel recycling program. It notes that the plan has drawn criticism for being discussed separately from nuclear waste disposal.

It says the government should present options regarding the size of the disposal sites that would be needed depending on which nuclear policies are pursued, and offer detailed explanations to the public.

The commission says it will compile a final report to the government by the end of the year, taking into account the views of the public.

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