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Ohi steam - Mistakenly opened valve?

 September 5, 2013

Steam leaks at idling Ohi nuclear power plant



The operator of the Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture says steam leaks occurred in a turbine building of the facility on Thursday. But it says the steam contained no radioactive substances and resulted in no injuries or damage.

Kansai Electric Power Company says steam leaked at 6 locations from piping near a turbine at the plant's Number 3 reactor.

The steam rose as high as 3 meters. The utility told 20 workers in the building to evacuate.

The reactor had been shut down for regular safety inspections on Tuesday after running as one of only 2 online reactors in Japan.

The utility says that immediately before an alarm went off, a worker in a control room mistakenly opened a valve for a pipe carrying steam. It says the valve was immediately closed and the leak stopped.

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