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Ohi to be shut mid-September

August 1, 2013


Ohi plant to shut 9/15; no reactors online



The operator of the Ohi nuclear plant in central Japan has started the process of shutting down the nation's 2 operating reactors.

Officials at Kansai Electric Power Company on Thursday applied to the Nuclear Regulation Authority to halt the plant's No. 3 reactor on September 2nd for regular inspections. They also plan to stop the No. 4 reactor of their plant in Fukui Prefecture on September 15th.

That would put all nuclear reactors in Japan offline for the first time in 14 months.

Officials from four utilities have applied to the authority for safety screening. They hope to restart 12 reactors at 6 nuclear plants, including Ohi.
But there are no clear indications of when that can happen.

Aug. 1, 2013 - Updated 09:55 UTC



July 31, 2013


Ohi to be shut down 9/15, turning Japan no-nuke



Japan's 2 remaining nuclear reactors still in operation will be shut down for regular inspections next month.

Kansai Electric Power Company is set to submit to regulators on Thursday an application to shut down the Number 3 reactor at the Ohi plant in Fukui Prefecture. The company says it will stop the reactor on September 2nd for a regular maintenance check.

The Number 4 reactor will be halted 2 weeks later. The move will bring all reactors in Japan offline for the first time in 14 months.

Four utilities have asked the Nuclear Regulation Authority to restart 12 reactors in 6 power plants. Their applications are currently being screened.

But no clear prospects for restarting any of the reactors have emerged.


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