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Japan's regulators to allow 2 reactors to continue



Japan's nuclear regulators are expected to allow the only 2 reactors currently online in the country to continue operation.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority plans to submit a draft report on the 2 reactors at the Ohi power plant in Fukui Prefecture to a panel meeting on Thursday. The Authority has conducted inspections of the reactors since April based on a new set of stricter safety standards.
The new standards will take effect on July 8th. They require power companies to take concrete steps to deal with serious accidents.

The report says Authority inspectors have found no serious safety problems at the Ohi reactors.

With that positive assessment, the Authority is expected to give the go-ahead for the reactors to stay in operation until September, when they are scheduled to shut down for regular inspections.

All of Japan's nuclear power plants suspended operations after the nuclear accident in Fukushima 2 years ago.



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