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April 23, 2012

on Fukushima-diary:

Yamashita banned recording findings suggestive of thyroid tuber

Following up this article..7290 Bq/Kg from carnation in Fukushima

In the symposium, a pulmonologist, Dr. Okayama gave a comment about the current situation of Japanese medical industry.

He is from Sendai Miyagi. He attended the symposium about radiation therapy held on 4/21/2012, where the chairman was Yamashita Shunichi.

When he sees carotid by ultrasonic echo for the treatment of arterial sclerosis on this ordinary work, he can see thyroid as well.

He often finds thyroid tuber.

Ultrasonic echo can be used by a doctor and  engineer, but both of them are supposed to record findings suggestive of thyroid tuber or cyst even if it was originally to see carotid.

However, Yamashita Shunichi requested doctors in the symposium not to record the findings because it causes unnecessary concern of patients.

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