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Quick contaminated water measures

December 10, 2013



Govt. panel calls for quick wastewater measures



A government panel has called for quick backup measures to control radioactive wastewater accumulating at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The government is working to freeze soil around the plant's reactor buildings to keep out groundwater. It's also building a wall along a coastal embankment to keep wastewater from seeping out to sea. But the measures are taking too long, and their effectiveness is in doubt.

The panel recommended a series of supplemental measures that include building double-walled storage tanks and sealing cracks in the buildings with concrete to keep out groundwater. It also called for paving large parts of the plant's compound with asphalt to keep rainwater out.
The panel also suggested that a team of experts assess the risks and technological challenges of handling wastewater containing radioactive tritium, and reach a conclusion by the end of March.


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