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January 8, 2013




Fukushima fireworks festival offers prayers for recovery from quake, nuclear crisis



Fireworks are launched into the night sky during the "Uneme no sato" winter fireworks festival in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, on Jan. 7. (Mainichi)


KORIYAMA, Fukushima -- A winter fireworks festival was held here for the first time in two years on Jan. 7, entertaining spectators and sending up prayers for the area's recovery from the quake and nuclear disasters.

Some 1,000 fireworks were launched into the night sky by pyrotechnicians from across the country during the festival called "Uneme no sato fuyu hanabi" in Koriyama. The annual event was cancelled last year due to the aftereffects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

"I launched the fireworks with my wishes for spectators to become positive about their future as much as possible," said a 33-year-old pyrotechnician from the prefectural city of Sukagawa

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