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Residents dissatisfied with exposure estimates

Residents respond to exposure estimates



Residents and evacuees of Tamura City's Miyakoji district are voicing dissatisfaction with the publication of radiation exposure estimates for the area.

Kazuo Yoshida lived in Miyakoji, but is now in temporary housing. He says the government should have released the data when discussions were underway on whether to lift the evacuation order for Miyakoji. He says he gave up farming and won't return unless authorities decontaminate mountains which are the source of the water he uses for drinking.

Yasushige Watanabe says radiation levels near his home and farming fields are higher than the estimates. He also says people won't return to the community until sufficient decontamination work is done.
Watanabe says only 2 of the 36 households at his temporary housing unit have returned to Miyakoji.

Tetsuzo Tsuboi is one of the residents who have returned home. He says he feels cheated by the government for withholding the estimates. He says he used to work in the forestry industry, but lost his job. He is calling on the government to put more effort into decontaminating mountain areas.

Hisao Tsuboi says the estimates are within his expectations. He resumed rice farming last year and has been using a dosimeter to keep track of radiation. He says levels may vary, so residents need to understand the specific exposure in their area.
Tsuboi also says many farmers are reluctant to start growing crops again because they fear they won't be able to sell them. He urges the government to do more to prevent rumors from damaging farmers.

Apr. 18, 2014 - Updated 12:17 UTC

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