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Send a postcard to support the judges of Fukui Court


« CALL FOR SUPPORT from the Japanese Antinuclear people

Pierre Fetet, http://www.fukushima-blog.com/2014/06/centrale-nucleaire-d-oi-soutenez-les-magistrats.html

Ōi Nuclear Plant in Japan: Let's support those judges !

We all remember the outrageous restart of the 2 reactors at the Oi Nuclear Plant in July 2012. Two years after, the Court judges ruled that the restart opponents are right !

That Court decision is very important for the Japanese Antinuclear people, not only for its Court order to not restart the Oi Nuke plant but also for the general content of that Court decision. That Court decision is important because it sets a precedent in Japanese jurisprudence which can be use to stop other restarts.

Thank to support those Court judges who had the courage to resist to the Nuclear lobby pressure.

Call for support

Last May 21, 2014, the Regional Court of Fukui Prefecture has rendered a judgment rejecting the demand for retart of the 2 reactors of the Oi Nuclear plant.
(see the link for details:
http://ajw.asahi.com/article/views/editorial/AJ201405220026 )

We Japanese antinuclear activists, we wish to support those judges who rendered that judgment, because they will now become targeted and pressured by the Central Government and by the Nuclear lobby.
Therefore it is very important that the Court will perceive that the people are fully supporting their judgment.

To that effect, we would be very grateful to you to send a postcard (which content can be read by anyone, no enveloppe) adressed to the names of those 3 judges at this adress :


Fukusi Chiho Saibansho Minji Dainibu
1-1-1 Haruyama, Fukui
Fukui 910-8524

For example you may write :
"Thank you for the judgement to stop Ōi reactor restart"

It is very important to mention Oi !
Thank you in advance for your help. »

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