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Setbacks at Hamaoka

July 31, 2012


Construction of tsunami defenses delayed at Hamaoka nuke plant



NAGOYA -- Chubu Electric Power Co. announced July 30 that construction of tsunami defenses at its suspended Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant in Shizuoka Prefecture will be delayed by a year, pushing the completion date back to December 2013.

The rescheduling is the result of unforeseen difficulties in installation work, including the installation of emergency power equipment. The total cost of construction is expected to remain unchanged at about 14 billion yen.

"Reactivation (of reactors at the plant) will be delayed because of this, and it will be quite tough on finances," the utility's president, Akihisa Mizuno, told a news conference.

After construction is completed, the utility hopes to win understanding from local bodies and other related parties in restarting reactors at the plant. However, as a result of the setback, the schedule for restarting the reactors remains in doubt.

Power company officials said that delays had been seen in the installation of a platform 40 meters above sea level for gas turbine power generators, and an emergency seawater intake facility next to the reactor buildings. Officials said that the spot where the platform was being installed was narrow, and cables for the water intake facility and generators were getting tangled.

Construction of a seawall standing 18 meters above sea level -- a main feature of the tsunami defenses -- would be completed as scheduled in December 2012, officials said.

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