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Showcasing nuclear clean-up

September 24, 2012



Nuclear decontamination technologies showcased



Cleaning up nuclear fallout is a top priority for municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture and surrounding areas affected by last year's nuclear accident.

An exhibit showcasing the latest technologies for decontamination opened in Tokyo on Monday.

The 3-day event, the first of the kind in Japan, is being attended by more than 100 firms and organizations involved in the clean-up.

One of the technologies on display is a road decontamination device developed by a construction company. The barrow-like machine blows out pellets of dry ice that freeze radioactive dust on the road surface, allowing the machine to easily remove the contamination.

A company representative says a test run of the machine in March on an expressway in Fukushima lowered radiation levels on the road by 70 percent.

A Tokyo chemical maker is showcasing a filter that removes radioactive cesium from water. The blue-colored filter is coated with powder that absorbs the element.

An electronics maker has developed a camera that can visualize gamma rays. The invisible ray is a common type of radioactive emission. The camera is already being used to identify radiation hot-spots in parks and other areas.

The exhibition at Tokyo's Science Museum will run until Wednesday.


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