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South Korea calls Japan "immoral"

September 30, 2013


S.Korea fisheries minister calls Japan immoral






South Korea's fisheries minister has called Japan "immoral" because it allowed radioactive wastewater to leak into the sea from the Fukushima Daiichi plant without prior notification.

Yoon Jin-sook was speaking to reporters on Monday. She said Japan has the responsibility to inform her country and others, but let the contaminated water flow out freely. She called such behavior absurd.

The South Korean government has placed an import ban on all fishery products from Fukushima and 7 other Japanese prefectures.

Yoon said she doubted whether the South Korean government had to care about such immoral people under diplomatic protocols, so she promptly ordered the import ban.

Yoon's remark comes as South Korean fishermen are in a tight spot. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of fishery products as a whole, not just those from Japan.

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