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Spain and Japon sign agreement on nuke safety...

08.10.2013_No247 / News in Brief

Spain And Japan Regulators Sign Nuclear Information Agreement


Security & Safety

8 Oct (NucNet): The nuclear regulators of Spain and Japan have signed an agreement to exchange information about nuclear safety and radiation protection focusing on operational experience and lessons learned from nuclear accidents.

Spain’s nuclear regulatory authority Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN) said in a statement that the agreement, signed in Tokyo with Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, would also see the two organisations sharing information about improving crisis communications, emergency response and the management of radioactive waste.

CSN said the two regulators would increase their collaboration, establishing channels for information exchange and cooperating in areas such as Nuclear Energy Agency and International Energy Agency working groups.

Cooperation would also be increased within the context of the International Nuclear Regulators Association (INRA), which Spain and Japan helped establish in 1997.

The INRA is an association that comprises the most senior officials of the nuclear regulatory authorities from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the main purpose of the association is to influence and enhance nuclear safety, from the regulatory prospective.

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