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Strict, swift and...convincing

July 8, 2013

Governors seek strict nuclear plant screening



Prefectural Governors in Japan have requested strict screening procedures before restarting nuclear power plants under the new safety guidelines.

The heads of 47 prefectures began two days of meetings on Monday in Matsuyama City, western Japan. They discussed the new safety guidelines that were officially decided by the Nuclear Regulation Authority.

The guidelines require nuclear plant operators to take concrete steps when handling serious accidents. They took effect on the same day.

Ehime Prefecture Governor Tokihiro Nakamura called for setting up a system where the central government assumes final responsibility for allowing nuclear plants to restart.
Nakamura made the request in reference to the Ikata nuclear plant operator's application to restart its number 3 reactor under the new guidelines.

Tottori Prefecture Governor Shinji Hirai said the central government has to decide whether to restart nuclear plants based on the opinions of local governments.

The prefectural leaders agreed on proposals that call on the nuclear authority to implement strict and swift screenings under the new guidelines.

They also proposed that when deciding to restart a nuclear plant, the central government must hold public hearings to gain the understanding of locals living nearby.


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