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study of tsunami on Fukushima coast

February 19, 2012


21.1-meter tsunami hit Fukushima coast on March 11



Japanese scientists and prefectural officials have found that a tsunami more than 21 meters high hit the coast near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on March 11th last year.

The group led by University of Tokyo Professor Shinji Sato carried out a survey earlier this month of about 40 kilometers of coastline in no-entry zones in Fukushima Prefecture.

This is the first study of tsunami in the area since last year's earthquake as no one was allowed to enter the zones due to radiation from the plant.

Among the 28 spots studied, the wave reached its highest point of 21.1 meters in Tomioka Town.

Tsunami more than 10 meters high hit other places around the nuclear plant.

A previous survey of areas outside the no-entry zones found that the waves were less than 10 meters high in many spots.

Sato said it is necessary to study why the tsunami were so high in the area around the plant, as this will help in drawing up preventive measures.



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