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July 27, 2012


No. 1 workers' radiation doses soared 16-fold




The cumulative annual radiation doses of workers at the Fukushima No. 1 plant rose more than 16-fold from the year before during the first year of the nuclear crisis, Tokyo Electric Power Co. data show.

Over a roughly one-year period from the March 2011 meltdowns and the end of February, cumulative radiation doses came to 244.6 man-sieverts per worker — a more than 16-fold surge compared with the 14.9 man-sieverts measured in the previous year, the data showed.

March 2011 alone accounted for around half of the figure, some 120.2 man-sieverts, while the highest exposure recorded for an individual worker stood at 678.8 millisieverts.

Excluding the No. 1 and nearby Fukushima No. 2 plants, workers' cumulative exposure at the country's 15 nuclear plants stood at 61.1 man-sieverts in the year through March 2011.

The data noted about 20,000 workers at the No. 1 plant were exposed to roughly 12 millisieverts on average in the reporting period.



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