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Sweet and delicious

September 12, 2012


Fukushima peaches sold overseas after 18 months



Peaches grown in Fukushima are being sold overseas for the first time since exports were halted because of the nuclear crisis 18 months ago.

The first shipment was sent to Thailand. About 900 peaches were displayed on Wednesday in a fruit shop at a department store in Bangkok.

Some shoppers purchased the peaches after enjoying a free sample. One woman who bought the fruit said she wasn't worried about radioactive contamination because she heard safety checks had been carried out. She said the peaches are sweet and delicious.

An official from Fukushima said exports resumed after the prefecture invited Thai retailers to inspect peach farms and sites where radiation checks are conducted.
Agricultural and marine products from Fukushima were halted after the nuclear accident due to fears of radioactive contamination.

Katsuhiko Noge of the Fukushima Prefectural Trade Promotion Council said he is happy to see the products being sold abroad again. He said his organization will do more to boost the sale of peaches.

Officials in Fukushima say the peaches will be sold in Thailand until the end of the week. They will consider an additional shipment depending on demand, and say they also hope to resume peach exports to other Asian countries.

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