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Posted: 8 May 2012
Experts have warned that a pool of dangerous radioactive cesium -- 10 times that of the Chernobyl disaster -- still sits exposed at Fukushima Daiichi reactor #4. With the Japanese government failing to act, it’s time for us to call for an international intervention.

If this pool were to leak, it could cause a radioactive fire forcing the evacuation of 35 million people in Tokyo! Now 72 civil society groups and experts are calling for a UN-led independent assessment team -- with no ties to the dirty nuclear industry -- to help ensure our safety. A massive jolt of people-power can help thrust the UN into action.

Let's make sure we don't live through another Fukushima disaster. Call on Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to address this urgent emergency immediately. Sign the petition now and forward this to everyone you know. We'll deliver it straight to the UN headquarters in New York when we reach 50,000 signatures.

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