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The Nagasaki Peace Declaration & nukes

August 1, 2012


Nagasaki Peace Declaration will not call for end to nuclear power



NAGASAKI -- While focusing mainly on seeking an end to nuclear weapons, the Nagasaki Peace Declaration this year will, like last year, call for a change in energy policy but stop short of seeking an end to nuclear power, it has been learned from an outline released by Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue on July 31.

According to the outline, the declaration, to be made at a peace ceremony on Nagasaki's bombing anniversary of Aug. 9, will deal with the current situation surrounding nuclear weapons and increased international discussion on the inhumanity of nuclear weapons. The declaration is also planned to cover the importance of peace education, call on the national government to better support A-bomb victims, mourn the victims of the bombings and express a resolution for an end to nuclear weapons.

In reference to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the declaration is planned to call for "a society where people are not threatened by radiation" and urge the government to make clear the country's energy situation.

"This year's declaration is based on last year's declaration that called for a change to renewable energy," Taue said.



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