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Vehicles equiped to analyse radiation

July 5, 2013




Mobile radiation analysis lab revealed



Japan's nuclear research agency has developed a mobile laboratory that can accurately analyze radioactive substances on site.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency on Friday unveiled 2 vehicles with equipment capable of analyzing types and quantities of radioactive substances, as well as other machines at its research center.

The equipment is installed in a way that prevents engine vibrations from affecting the analysis.

The vehicles' ventilation system has special filters that remove radioactive substances to prevent interior contamination that could affect the analysis.

The agency says the vehicles will enable samples to be analyzed before they are affected by factors such as temperature and time. Samples would face these issues if they were taken to a research center.

An agency official said the vehicles will help improve the accuracy of analysis by cutting the time between the acquisition and analysis of samples.

The agency will start operating the vehicles in mid-July.

In the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, samples of radioactive substances collected in mountainous regions and rivers had to be taken to research centers far distant from the site for accurate analysis.

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