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What future for Japan ?... And for us

from Kyoto Journal





Fukushima has raised, once again, the perennial questions about human fallibility and human frailty, about hubris and man's arrogance in thinking he can control nature. The earthquakes, the tsunami, the meltdown at Japan’s nuclear power plant are nature’s reminders of her power… Alternatives to nuclear energy are a thousand times more abundant and a million times less risky. To push nuclear plants after Fukushima is pure insanity.
— Vandana Shiva

Fresh Currents: Japan’s flow from a nuclear past to a renewable future. Edited by Eric Johnston

Download your complimentary copy of Fresh Currents:

Download PDF, 7.1 MB.

Living only 60 kilometers from the Oi nuclear power plants (reopened in June amidst growing protests across the country), we felt compelled to contribute something to the growing chorus of voices calling for a sustainable energy future. Fresh Currents was put together from a network of writers associated with Kyoto Journal, an NPO based in Kyoto that has been publishing in print and digitally for over 25 years. 

Please enjoy your copy of Fresh Currents. We welcome your feedback.
— The Editors

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