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WHO always the optimist

November 26, 2012



WHO report sees low risk of cancer rise for Fukushima residents



TOKYO (Kyodo) -- There is a low risk of a rise in cancer rates for residents near the Fukushima Daiichi power plant following a nuclear crisis last year, a preliminary report of the World Health Organization showed Sunday.

According to the report, the possibility that cancer risks will significantly increase among adults and children, excluding newborns, is low based on the statistics of actual cancer incidence.

However, there are also data showing newborns in the town of Namie and the village of Iitate in Fukushima Prefecture could suffer from cancer, leukemia or other illnesses in the future.

The preliminary report is based on the assumption that the residents lived in the affected areas for four months after the nuclear accident and continued to eat local products.

In reality, most of the residents were evacuated after the nuclear crisis.

A final report will be released in December at the earliest.

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